Fan Post: Finn Jones and My Anxiety

Initially, I hadn’t decided to meet Finn Jones. Meeting him was somewhat of a last minute decision. When I got in to Earls Court 2, my anxiety levels sky-rocketed because of how crammed it was from being oversold. I can deal with crowded and busy despite not being a fan of either. Oversold, however, is another matter entirely.

I was opposite his autograph table and frozen in fear. Not because of him but because of my anxiety. I was in a fight or flight situation. I decided to fight and walked up to him. I didn’t want to let my anxiety win. At least not yet.

I told him I was suffering from anxiety, he took my hands and told me completely understood. He spent five minutes just chatting to me and giving compliments, including how beautiful I am and my name is. I’ve heard that he’s insane (in a good way, of course) but during those five minutes, he proved that he can tone it down when needed.

He didn’t have a “No posed photos” sign at his table so I very shyly asked for a photo with him at the table which he was more than happy to agree to, his assistant took it and it turned out beautifully.

Because of how chaotic it was, I managed to get the time for the Game of Thrones talk wrong and only got there as it was ending. I decided not to bother going and sat outside.

I was having poor luck during the week anyway (mainly related to my health) but that was the last straw. I ended up having an anxiety attack there and then and quietly cried.

As he was on his way out of the talk, he saw me and instead of continuing to walk, he stayed with me for a few minutes to help and comfort me before pulling me into a huge hug. One of the crew members was trying to shoo him away at first saying he had other things to do but to her credit, her attitude softened and she backed off once she realised what was happening.

My respect has increased more than a thousandfold and I can never thank him enough for being kind enough to take a few minutes out of his day to help me through my anxiety attack. So many people would’ve kept walking but he didn’t. He stopped to help and I can’t think of a way to even adequately thank him for it.

– Elektra

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